What is the why?

If you’re wondering what’s the rationale behind this blog, the truth is, there isn’t one!

This is just where I dump all the phenomena that inhabit my brain, that inspire me, that I find beautiful, unique or odd. It’s just the case that I like strange and striking things, and I’m an absolute addict to scouring the web in the prowl for the wonderful, weird and whimsical (and that I’m also all for fancy adjectives).

It seemed like a waste to spend so much time surfing around and keeping all these things to myself, so I created this blog, as a way of collecting all those precious finds and sharing all those pieces of eye candy and visual treats with the rest of the world.

I’m all for world domination, so if you want, you can add me at twitter, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, instagram or just contact me here.

Also, because occasionally, I do more than just live in my own quirky and self absorbed world, in real life I’m a web designer originally from Portugal but currently living in London.

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