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  1. Alex

    Good luck with the move! It is a scary thing to move to a different country but hopefully you’ll have success in the UK. Thank you as always for sharing such wicked and awesome images and I hope you’ll be set up in a new home soon so you can return to blogging!

  2. Patrícia Azevedo

    Embora vamos falando in “daily basis” que a web tem destas coisas… desejo-te as maiores felicidades e que encontres o que procuras e mereces… em tudo o que eu poder ajudar “count me in”!

  3. Monica4LiliMagazine

    Wow, you are very brave! I am always inspired by your blog and love today’s post-it is poetry. I look forward to receiving more picture stories about your journey in my inbox. Good luck to you and all the best, Monica

  4. Sioned

    Good luck on your move, really enjoying your tweeting and blogging, here’s hoping you’ll find more brilliant things to do for money in that there big London :D


  5. WendyB

    Sounds like an exciting move!

  6. Lola

    It’s sad, really. I spent 6 months in Portugal a few years ago, and fell in love with it, such a special place. And I’ve always wanted to move to London, but I’ve only made it to Barcelona so far!
    Lots of luck – I hope you find the time and place to blog! :)

  7. deanne

    Darling- best of luck to you in London…

  8. Sophia Walker

    Good luck in England! The English are annoying as hell, but that’s part of their charm.

  9. Laurie

    Good luck to you with the move. It has to be heartbreaking to be forced by circumstances to leave a place that you dearly love, but I am sure you will make a success of it wherever you go. Yours is my favorite blog of all time and the only one I link to on Facebook. I hope the UK is prepared for your awesomeness invasion! Thank you for all the fantastic images you have thrown my way. I have been following you since you were on Flickr. You are the best!!!!

  10. nuvonova

    So strange, for some reason I assumed you were already in London!!
    Good luck settling into my city!! …I truly think you will love it here!

  11. Rita

    Olá ;

    Sou uma visita frequente aqui pelo teu blog, embora nos últimos tempos não tanto, pq estive em locais sem net. Vi agora este post, desejo-te as maiores felicidades em Londres; tb ando a pensar fazer o mesmo, mas talvez pela Escócia, no próximo ano. Isto anda mesmo muito mal, por Portugal.

    Enfim, o que queria dizer mesmo é que espero que continues com o teu blog e tumblr, pq são dos meus favoritos ;)

    *** e boa sorte!

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