6 responses to “Mandy Tsung”

  1. lina

    I really like these pieces. It seems to me that she is very influenced by the wonderful Audrey Kawasaki (http://www.audrey-kawasaki.com/) in both subject and technique, but with her own take on the faces. Still, if she learns the technique from an established artist she can grow from there and find her own branch to build upon. Kawasaki’s not a bad place to start :)

  2. Sheila

    They’re wickedly beautiful. Love the 4th and 6th works. I’m very partial with blue. Hehe. Love Audrey Kawasaki’s works, too. Their works are both awesome.

  3. Ms. Smart

    really cool style. creative design. nice soft faces. stories.

  4. Em

    I don’t think it’s ever okay to jack an artist’s style and try to pass yourself off as one.

    She’s not just influenced by Kawasaki. She’s tracing her style and profiting from it.

    Shameful and disgusting.

  5. Monique

    I like Mandy’s works, there in a more “developing” state as Audreys Kawasaki (love her stuff too),
    and you can’t blame anybody for being influenced by Low Brow,
    it “floats” in the air!
    Just as Audrey I think that Mandy will evolucionate into her own personal style!

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