4 responses to “Playing Pretend Hollywood Edition: Scarlett Johansson”

  1. phairhead

    I love the Buster Keaton….she really got into the spirit of the shoot

  2. Finds: Scarlett Johansson as Sarah Bernhardt and Buster Keaton - Buzz

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  3. Jessica

    Can’t help but notice, Scarlett uses exact same expression for Marlene Dietrich as she did for Giulietta Masina. Not the best re-enactment choice. Johansson doesn’t capture essence of Giulietta’s effervescent personality–particularly the sparkle of energy Giulietta projects with her eyes. Where Buster Keaton looks world weary and contemplative, SJ just looks annoyed and peevish. The talent of actor/actresses she imitated is their ability to project something more than a posed physicality.

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