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  2. dominique

    I totally agree… anyway, there’s no 100% original artist. I think it’s absolutely impossible.

    Neither 80%. neither 50%. neither 30%.

    5 % maybe….

    Sorry for my english.

    1. ECaffey

      How are you defining “original”? You can be inspired by an idea and create a new image where the lines, colors, compostion etc is new and unique versus these(especially Tin’s) that look like they’ve been traced and colored.

  3. Bendow

    Artists do it all the time, it’s called re-appropriation. Really cool cool article, though! Great examples.

  4. The Style PA

    Great feature. I love how the context or background becomes something entirely new or just little changes have been made like the ice skating one.

  5. B

    Also known as “copyright infringement”, not in all cases, but some are definitely pushing it. The fines are no joke and can totally put an artist or designer out of business. It’s much better as far as the law (and in the interest of making more interesting art) to create something that’s not leaning so heavily on the creative output of others. Parodies are an exception, but other than that, shoot your own reference and avoid the whole mess altogether!

  6. Daiane

    i think these are very interesting and some very beautiful reinterpretations…. so artists don’t have to be 100% originals in their work… it’s like covers in the music industry: they give the original song a fresh twist, maybe more interesting than the original one…

  7. Smith & Ratliff

    This was really fascinating and I love the examples you used! A lot of them reminded me of George Condo’s work; he incorporates a lot of inspiration from old master’s paintings into his work.

  8. Kate Lightfoot

    Personally, I think art should be different enough to not be immediately recognisable. Otherwise the artist isn’t so much creating as copying (though that obviously still requires a hell of a lot of skill). That’s just my personal opinion – I place a lower value on art that’s simply a reproduction of an existing image as I prefer to see a more original image.

    I have a friend who works from photographs, but she mixes and matches different pieces and alters it all in photoshop so she winds up with an completely new and original image to ‘copy’.

    I also copy elements from fashion shoots etc but mix them up – and with a cartoony style, it’s usually not clear what the reference material was.

    It’s a fine line though.

    In the examples above I personally think that Droopbomb is too close – though if the hand pose was different, it would have been OK – while Leslie Dittos’ ‘Bell Toll’ is fine – she’s used elements from the reference, but the overall painting is very much her. Tin’s ‘Push’ is too close, but ‘Pokey’ is distorted enough to not be instantly recognisable. I reckon as long as you’re not looking at the painting and thinking ‘oh that’s from last September’s Vogue’ it’s OK.


  9. ECaffey

    Are these done with permission from the photographer? Some of them look like they practically traced the image and decorated them. I think the Tin ones look derivative not just inspired by.
    I agree that Ditto’s transformed it and it is stylized.

  10. Queen B

    Bad artists copy. Great artists steal. –Picasso

    If you cut and paste and manipulate just the back ground or just the face, think about this: what stops other artists from copying the image and replacing it with different back grounds? In fact, this could be a series. Same image in different situations, like the ice skater checking her tires instead.

    Chuck Berry. Damn kid. I’m sorry but as a graphic artist you should have more integrity than that.

    Although fashion articles are great for inspiration, keep in mind that this is someone else’s art. All the make up and clothes cost time and money to do and make and not everyone can come up with the stuff these teams do. If you’re doing it as a study, give some credit, but don’t call it an original.

    Props to Leslie Ditto. Droopbomb is close to doing something unique with their reference… nothing wrong with zombie-fying forgotten stars, but go all flippin out. Don’t pussyfoot with the idea.

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  12. Jay Young

    Sometimes I think artists and the community just pick and choose what is ‘plagiarism’. Some people get absolutely slated even by artists who plagiarise themselves. If a bunch of people love the artist they can get away with anything they want. If you have to ask yourself if it is ‘different enough’ then it is already copying. It’s absolute bollocks that artists can’t be original and is just a poor excuse.

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