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  1. Saryn Christina

    Unfortunately, I actually have to disagree with you (and LaChapelle) as much as I don’t really want to.

    Being on the edge of fetish – having played and shot in that area, Rihanna’s video over all uses very generic imagery from the scene. The rubber mask, the ropework, The puppy play, all are very common and more mainstream fetishes. If you look through Photo books featuring fetish/bdsm imagery you’ll see those images.

    LaChapelles imagery is actually a twist on traditional Fetish. And while inser the similarity in the room set ups and the color schemes, over all, her video is very much a look at me being shocking, not very creative or inventive… I can see where she may have gotten her inspiration from his imagery, however, as far as copying it – not so much.

    Had he done her video, it probably would have been FAR better!

  2. Saryn christina

    Yeah – I agree, like I said, it’s definitely apparent that they used his style for inspiration, (why she didn’t hire him is a question in itself) but overall, I feel it’s pretty generic. (even the pink masks are pretty popular in the fetish photography world)

    Personally, I have dislike the video AND the song. : / lol

  3. eyeliah

    just read your last 2 video posts as well. It’s quite obvious that this video was DLC inspired, when I saw the video I thought it was DLC.

  4. Marc

    I’m not really seeing it. The film-maker might have started with a LaChapelle influence, but anyone in the creative industries will tell you that that’s not uncommon. I think most people who design have riffed off other people’s work. What noone wants to do is plagarise or imitate other people’s work… and there’s a line between taking an idea and making it your own, and ripping someone off. I think in this case they’ve obviously started by looking at LaChapelle’s work, and probably other fetish and saturated-colour artists. Then I think they’ve done a pretty good job of making it their own. Rihanna’s not the best actress, but they’ve found a rich vein of humour and they’ve milked it. Nothing seems to be a direct rip, though you can see LaChapelle in some of the shots (such as the newsclipping dress). I think it’d be a sad day if puppy-play or rubber costumes… or redheaded women… became enforcable “LaChapellesque”.

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