12 responses to “Sylvia Ji’s “Shapeshifters””

  1. Shayla

    You continue to post the greatest stuff. I am always coming back to check for new things to look at. Every time it is so interesting and neW!

  2. kat

    Goodness! I love the artworks! Another great post to share! :)

  3. districtofchic

    The eyes in these are positively captivating!! I want one of these for my wall…

  4. Sophia Walker

    I love these!!!

  5. Angie

    Wow, how unique. Appropriating cultures. “Native American” is not one culture. There are many unique groups represented. White women painted wearing native american things is not cool or edgy its just wrong. Pro-tip, head dresses were worn solely by the MEN in plains indian tribes. Not white women hanging out naked. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but real culture is so much more beautiful than these overdone images.

  6. Heresy

    @Angie, it’s called art. Don’t get your panties in a twist because how dare “some Asian girl” make beautiful Native art because she isn’t Native. It was already said in an article that she was inspired by the book “Daughters of the Earth” by Carolyn J. Niethammer. She was so moved and inspired that as a Native myself I’m honored by her paintings. She’s not saying every Native went around looking like this, or that only “white women” should be represented as Native, this is HER interpretation of strong Native women. And I find it all beautiful. And by your language (using “white women” as a derogatory) I’d really say you’re the one that has the problem.

    Fun fact also: yes, in some tribes women DO wear ceremonial headdresses.

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