9 responses to “Splash 2011 Calendar”

  1. districtofchic

    These images are haunting! I want more!

  2. Ms. Smart

    very cool. wow! story inspiring.

  3. Sophia Walker

    Those are great pictures, I love it!!!

  4. Dahlia Jane

    These are incredible. I love the combination of 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional elements in the sets. It’s so other-worldly and creepy. The fashions and tone of the images are also inspiring.

  5. allan amato

    This campaign hurts my photographers soul. I will now quit and become a bean buyer for Starbucks

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  7. Middle East Fashion Jalabiya

    It does remind me of the “Black Swan” this time I can say its “Black Fashion”

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  9. TamarazArtz

    I LUV every Photo in this awesomely freakish jet black pictures! Plus it’s a calendar…. I wish upon a shinning black Star that I shall find a Calender such as I have unexpectedly found this one! Black is my favorite colour cause it isn’t a colour….
    Sincerely TamarazArtz ~.~

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