4 responses to “Nicoletta Ceccoli’s “Heavenly Nightmares””

  1. Sophia Walker

    Wow those are fantastic!

    But I have to ask, what is Pinocchio up to????

  2. Dahlia Jane

    Yes, I wondered that too Sophia. Naughty Pinocchio! I like these a lot. I love how pale the colors are. It’s a nice contrast to the technocolor Wonderlands we usually see. My favorites are the first painting with the lollipop girl and the girl and rabbit in the coffin canoe. Surreal and beautiful.

  3. Fruits and Flies

    Amazing, she illustrated the smallest ideas and the largest of struggles at the same time…

  4. Nicoletta Ceccoli Nail Art | Nail Art Lab

    […] “Dolceamara” by Nicoletta Ceccoli from the “Heavenly Nightmares” gallery, found on http://www.wicked-halo.com/2010/11/nicoletta-ceccolis-heavenly-nightmares.html […]

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