12 responses to “The Butterfly Effect II”

  1. kat

    Siousxie Soux’s just made of awesome. And of course, that head dress for McQueen! :D

  2. Sophia Walker

    Apropos the Siouxsie album cover, I have a feature on my blog called “We Are Fireworks” where I feature a different picture of Siouxsie several times a week.

    Clearly great minds think alike!

  3. Sophia Walker

    Here’s another butterfly picture I love :)


  4. districtofchic

    I’m not usually much of a butterfly fan, but these are COOL. Of course I love the Treacy hat, but the photos of the model “mounted” on the frames with the butterflies is very neat, too.

  5. Daiane

    the treacy hat, that is… art! the most accessible ways to wear butterflies for me are still headbands… and maybe brooches. don’t own a butterfly brooch yet, but it’s definitely on my wishlist…

  6. nuvonova

    I’ve never seen any of these images before, where have I been!?!?!

    I love the Arne and Carlos campaigns, they’re like something that Moschino would do… I guess because they remind me of their Barbie-esque campaigns, do you know the ones I mean? Where the models are like Barbie and attached inside a box, with the shoes and accessories around them etc…

    I collected loads of those campaigns when I was younger and glued them into my sketchbook, but threw them away for some bizarre reason!?! I aim to have them all one day and in the more modern way of storing them on my USB!

  7. Electro Geisha

    very fashionable butterflies :)

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