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  1. Ms. Smart

    awesome art

  2. Lisa @Baby Toddler

    Seeing those paintings gives goose bump, it’s like being lost in dark and scary fairytale episode.

  3. Shayla

    This is awesome. I love artwork depicting a sort of demented doll type girls. What a wonderful artist and the colors are beautiful!

  4. Daiane

    oh i love these! half creepy (for me), half mesmerizing & beautiful!

    my favorite part: “I revel in whimsy. ” marvelous!

  5. Mab Graves « Sugar in my Tea

    […] Check out this work from artist Mab Graves. You can also read a great interview with her here. […]

  6. erin huber

    still my favorite gal in town

  7. precilla sedney


    Thank you for your lovely comments and following my blog.

    Great interview! His work is absolutely amazing. I always loved this kind of artwork. It has something dark and alluring to it.

    It’s inspiring to see such artistic talent develop without the proper “formal” education. Personally I think self-education is the best thing to learn things.

    oh and I checked out the work of Oleg Dou’s, and indeed they do look similar. Thank you for the tip!

    Love to hear your comments on future posts.

    Take care.

    Precilla Sedney

  8. precilla sedney

    Expect to hear from me to;)

    I’ve known so many photographers who educated them selfs. It does take a lot of effort, spare time and most of all money. But when your that motivated, anything is possible.

  9. nookie

    ohh, those eyes!
    these are whimsical:x

  10. Amy

    I just stumbled over your website. And now I’m totally obsessed with it! In a good kind of way of course haha

  11. kat

    the last photo somehow reminds me of the twin girls in the movie The Shining. :)

  12. Mab Graves «

    […] September 24, 2010 in Can I pick at your brain?, Illustrations I love these hauntingly beautiful illustrations by Mab Graves. Read this interesting interview she had with Wicked Halo here. […]

  13. Shayla

    You know…awhile ago you introduced me to Mab Graves. Then I found out she was a local artist and was more attached to her work even more. She has become my inspiration for art. She is incredibly nice and when she updates her Etsy with something I can afford…I buy it. Hopefully one day I want to own an actual original cameo of hers because they are AMAZING. SO thank you for helping me discover such an amazing artist/person.

  14. Armando Cabba

    This has been done. Not much else to say.

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