10 responses to “Leonie Oakes”

  1. Sophia

    I love the first two dresses in the list.

    The ones with the newsprint on them look like a Project Runway challenge! :)

    Seriously though, great stuff thanks for posting them.

  2. districtofchic

    Definitely meant for hanging delicately on a wall vs. wearing. I love the thought and care put into the papers.

  3. nookie

    this are utterly amazing, I can’t believe that they are made from paper:x

  4. Daiane

    wow, these are incredible! a challenge to create for anyone not that talented. thanks for letting us know, this was new for me =D


  5. precilla sedney

    hanging on a wall with lots of security! haha

    Her work is very inspiring. I can see it took a lot of time and effort for choosing the right materials and papers.

    thank you for sharing!


  6. Elizabeth

    They are lovely. Someone should create fabrics to replicate their patterns are color stories. Love them!

  7. Könyvruhák | Sarwyn

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  8. nancy v

    Each time I looked at a different dress I fell in love over and over again!

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