7 responses to “Jessica Stoller”

  1. kat

    Oh! More from Stoller! I also once blogged about her porcelain artworks (Ghoulish bride series, similar to your previous post: http://katrifiction.blogspot.com/2010/07/ghoulish-bride.html). And seriously? I found her works great. It’s dark and twisted in a cute way! :)

    BTW, thanks for sharing more of her works! Hope you don’t mind me tweeting about this post. :)

  2. Daiane

    oooh i love these! such a great work! my favorite is the one in the fourth photo, i think it is so expressive!


  3. Electro Geisha

    cool idea and for sure impresive work. a bit kinky :)

  4. nuvonova

    Oh it is still so adorable in my eyes!! The ones with just the legs reminded me of that Victoria Beckham/Marc Jacobs advertisement!

  5. nookie

    wow! amazing!

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