9 responses to “Julianne Moore for Bulgari”

  1. Ms. Smart

    I like them. tre’ glam. I wanna be fancy with lion cubs.

  2. Electro Geisha

    i have always been secretly in love with her. she is one of those stunningly beautiful ladies with timeless beauty… great photos…

  3. nookie

    they did a great job, these are amazing!

  4. Thombeau

    Julianne is one of my all-time faves, along with La Blanchett, of course!

  5. kat

    This is just so elegant! The style and Julianne’s beauty matched perfectly. And, oh! Those cubs are cute! :)

  6. Bionica

    I saw the picture
    and it looks so nice
    I love the little cubs
    Julianne Moore looks beautiful



  7. fashion ista

    i love Bulgari and Julianne Mooreis very hot :D

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