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  1. Isabel Samaras

    Loved seeing these collected together like this (as I am obviously quite obsessed) and you MUST see the movie, it’s absolutely gorgeous (though after all this you might be shocked and disappointed to find out how little the Bride is even in the film, sigh…).

  2. Daiane

    some of them i still think they are creepy, haha! =D really, when i was little, i was afraid of seeing such images… but now i think they are another type of art.

  3. Sophia Walker

    For years I have begged a husband and wife who are friends of mine to dress as Frankenstein’s Monster and the Bride for Halloween. They keep refusing, saying those characters are ugly!

    Anyone who thinks Elsa Lanchester is “ugly” as the Bride ought to have their body cut up and the parts sold off for medical experiements.

    Love the bride… :)

  4. Thombeau

    What a fabulous post. Yay!!

  5. Electro Geisha

    Hi sweetie, thank you for all your comments :)
    Love this Frankenstein post, some of the Brides are quite pretty and I could say sexy, but there are some honest to God ugly ones. Love the browes and long eyelashes on them, though. The Bride of Frog`n`swein is my faworite, I absolutely love the title and Miss Piggy looks amazing :) This made my day :)

  6. Dream Girls | Science Daily

    […] and The Bride of Frankenstein? She's the "it" girl of the 20th century, and here's a whole gallery of Bride images. I have a favorite, for some reason. Read the comments on this […]

  7. Apricot Mantle

    I just made my rendition too! :) Enjoy.

  8. Jessica Ward

    Hi, I love the Bride! Great post! Check out my rendition of the Bride of Frankenstein, you might dig it.

    1. Apricot

      I dig it! Yer Hot too.

  9. Gemma

    Omg what can i say this is some of the best work i have ever seen what an amazing picture collection of the bride this is so awesome i love, Sarah Joncas,Mike Bell, Dave MacDowell and A.V. Phibes work best

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