20 responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. Alex

    Aw, congratulations! I’m so glad you’ve been dedicated to bringing us beautiful things and insightful commentary for two whole years!

  2. Toops

    Aww happy birthday! Save me some lovely cake yum :p xxx

  3. eyeliah

    Two years, woop this is a party I’d like to attend!

  4. deka

    how exciting- CONGRATS!!!
    your blog is intriguing and wonderful
    keep it up :)

  5. bettybits

    happy birthday!!!
    always a pleasure. keep up the good work

  6. nookie

    happy blogyversary!!

  7. katrifiction

    happy birthday to your blog! cheers for more years of awesome wickedness! :)

  8. Gabriella

    I can’t believe its just 2 years. Such a baby! j/k.
    I love all your posts. Keep the awesomess :D!

  9. Doublecloth

    Happy Birthday!!!! :) … Your blog it’s amazing

  10. Heron

    Happy Birthday! <3 You have the greatest taste in the things you find!
    It's always been a pleasure reading your posts!

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