7 responses to “Out for the holidays”

  1. Ms. Smart

    Dude you rock. Tim Burton show sounds way spectacular. Enjoy your adventure. Love your vamp night beach image. :). I am sitting @t airport heading to sf for a web conference. Life is good. Take good care and rock that wicked halo of yours.

  2. Tony

    Enjoy your much deserved vacation. The above foto you have posted make me laugh so hard, and it make a perfect sense for a perfect vacation. Have fun! ;)

  3. Electro Geisha

    new features, i like it. this preview posts. have a great time on your trip. can`t wait for post with your fresh memories and stories…

  4. dreamsequins

    Wow- I’m sorry to miss you in NY!!! Yes- I’m in Spain right now and loving it. Hope to visit Portugal one day, actually. Looks so lovely. Hope you enjoyed Miami!

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