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  1. Mark Ryden’s “A Gay 90’s Old Tyme” | Bangkok Mafia

    […] Mark Ryden’s “A Gay 90’s Old Tyme” […]

  2. Kenita

    This is absolutely funny, well not this post of course, but the fact that the very same video of Ryden you put up is the one I watched two nights ago! I like his explanation for the meat thing. It’s funny how a lot of people condemn it, and they don’t really take the chance to understand where it’s coming from, or even the right ways to cook it. Then again, vegetarians have a set belief.

    But on another note, I really like Mark’s work. It’s like a contradiction, the innocent femininity against the rawness that is meat. It’s almost sweet. Thanks for the Ryden post! :D

  3. waif.zd

    哇哦。。。很crazy。。。but,I like。。。呵呵,,,很美、。。。

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