13 responses to “Ch-ch-changes”

  1. Alex

    Well, this is exciting- good luck adjusting to the new format and everything! Coincidentally, I just purchased a domain name today too! (it makes me feel slightly legitimate in some way).

  2. A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie

    Change is good! Can’t wait to see what’s to come!


  3. Rocío Cintrón

    ooh looks so lovely, congrats!

  4. Electro Geisha

    oooh i love love Bruno Dayan, and thanks for introducing me with chris n. awesome photo too.

    as for your “going pro” project, well, i didn`t like wordpress that much, i dont know… this theme is great now, but if you are set to do some major changes and personalize the hell out of this web site – make it yourself! its just another DIY, its fun, and if 12 year olds can do it, so can we! but im just lazy :D im in the middle of contemplating over a Dreamweaver cs4 guide hoping i will get all rushed up.. but, since there are so many sites with templates and stuff.. i prolong.

    sorry for ramblings, and have a nice rest of the week :)

  5. Glimmer le Blondeeee

    Gostei das mudanças! Está mais clean mas com os bons conteúdos de sempre!


  6. deka

    i love wordpress so i hope going forward things are good :)
    i love your new layout and the new colors!!

  7. Marc

    Looks fantastic, really… and your posts are always thought provoking, inspiring and beautifully curated, so it’s a lovely way to show them off.

    One suggestion… I just had to guess which boxes to put my name/email/site in when I was leaving this comment… because they seem to be labeled reeeeeeeeeeally small (and in light green).

    Anyway, your site is always a pleasure… and even more so now that it’s looking so good.


  8. districtofchic

    I like it :-) You definitely gotta get this stuff branded!

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