7 responses to “Alicia en Blanco”

  1. Electro Geisha

    I love your Alice in wonderland editions :) you find the most amazing and wonderful interpretations :) love them! and I always forward them to my friend, all excited and amazed :)

  2. Denise @ Swelle

    More gorgeousness, I love these. Lady Gaga sure did make the hair bow popular, it barely registers as an oddity now!

  3. Wicked Halo

    Geisha: ooohhh thanks…I love sharing all this stuff, glad you liked it ;)

    Denise: Indeed, I use to think the bow was so weird, but now it kinda almost feels normal

  4. Romany

    Wow she has gorgeous hair. Love the hair-bow.

  5. The Girl Who Loves Velvet

    what a wonderful blog you have :) such great photos too!
    If you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks darl xx

  6. dolceedamara

    Great blog and great photos!


  7. {Tara}

    Ok, I REALLY want a Gaga hair bow!!!

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