5 responses to “Alice in Wunderland”

  1. Denise @ Swelle

    Oh, that is just gorgeous. I haven't seen the movie yet and likely I won't until it's out on Sky Movies (UK cable ) which will be a while, I just don't get out to movies much. I still haven't even seen Big Fish, I've got a lot of Tim Burton catching up to do!

  2. Eyeliah

    I've seen so many of these editorials lately I was ready to yawn, but this was done so well. The sets, proportions and styling are great.

  3. Ms Smart

    i have not seen the movie yet but will. i am thinking 3d imax. another styling round of AinW from you.

  4. Dahlia Jane

    I'm not sick of wonderland editorials yet and I like this one a lot. I think the sixth one down with the Queen and all the rabbits hopping around the throne is my favorite. It's interesting to see different interpretations from different countries and think about what constitutes whimsy and madness in each.

    I saw the movie and I was similarly disappointed by the Disney-ness of the plot. The visuals make the whole thing worthwhile though and I loved a couple of Alice's dresses especially the one she wore at the Red Queen's court and the one the Mad Hatter made her when she shrunk. The movie had a lot of imaginative details, I just wanted it to be my favorite Burton movie and it wasn't by a longshot.

  5. E

    I hadn't seen this particular editorial! I really like how it takes the Alice inspiration and goes it's own direction – not so stringent in the telling of the story, but you know it's Alice-inspired.

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