7 responses to “Playing Pretend Hollywwod Edition: Marilyn Monroe”

  1. twee

    The first image looks retouched, like someone inserted Marilyn’s face onto Jean Harlow’s. Not even the whole face, but the center of it. The chin still looks like Harlow’s. The entire photo feels kind of weird.

    1. marian proietti

      I can see that. At first I questioned most of the images, but then I saw the same material posted on another site and by the last images I stopped questioning and was SOLD. Question Everything?????

    2. TC

      I know these are old post but I just had to bring something to your attention. If you will look again you will see that:

      there are two photos under each famous actresses section: the 1st is Marilyn portraying that actress and the second is an actual picture of that actress. All five are like this.

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  5. marian proietti

    Great layout. I saw the same article via “Dangerous Minds” on FB, but your pictures were clearer and more vivid. Somehow I caught them both?

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