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  1. Sherry

    Hi there,
    I was wondering what the title of the 4th painting is? I can not seem to find that one anywhere and I adore it! Angelina Wrona is a fantastic artist and I love her work. I own a couple of prints and would love to get my hands on that caterpillar one.

    1. KoreDizzle

      It’s called Special Delivery :)

      1. Sherry

        I contacted Angelina Wrona on her FaceBook fan page, she said it’s called “Critter Boa”. She’s never printed it and a friend of hers owns the original. So I guess I won’t be getting my hands on that one :( Very lovely though.

  2. Tanya

    Hi. I just came back from vacation in Toronto, where in the mall I came across a group of paintings/prints and was completely drawn in by these paintings. I kept coming back and looking at them, but they were big size and we were travelling. When I got back, I couldn’t remember the artist so after googling ‘sad eyes’ – I came across your post very first thing, and the amazing this is that I live in Halifax.I was wondering if you remember the name or location of that little place where you got your prints from??

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