The flickr affair

I’ve been meaning to address this subject matter since it happened, because I’ve been getting a lot of emails, twitter messages, and comments here, questioning why did I cancel my flickr account, but this last week has been absolutely hectic at work and I’ve barely had time to breathe.

As readers of this blog may or may not be aware of, I had a flickr pro account (pro meaning I paid for it, and had unlimited storage space) where I kept most of the editorials I post here, as well many others things. A couple of days ago, I went to do the my usual thing, check comments, etc, when I’m faced with the following message: “This member is no longer active on Flickr.”…my reaction was ahhh…wait, what?
After doing some googling on the matter, it appears that it is quite common for flickr to delete accounts with no warning whatsoever, when you host photos not taken by you (even when, like in my case, you specifically credit the author).
Stupid me had no backups of the material uploaded (and it was a lot of stuff trust me, hours of scouring the net), I had thought, hey if I paid for an account, they will have to warn me should something happen, and I admit I wasn’t really aware that I shouldn’t be using it to store my collection.

Nevertheless I emailed them questioning their action and the answer I got (3 days after I sent the email) was as follows:

Thank you for contacting Flickr Customer Care.
Flickr account “Wicked Halo” was deleted by Flickr staff for violating our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
Flickr reserves the right to terminate your account without warning at any time.

Ok…this means, you paid, you got no rights to be warned you’re account is going to be deleted?
According to their own words, no, not really…

Excerpt of the guidelines:
“What not to do
Here’s the deal: In most circumstances, we like to give second chances, so we’ll send you a warning if you step across any of the lines listed below. Subsequent violations can result in account termination without warning.”

They just neglect to mention that “in most circumstances” means you have to be telepathic to get said warning…sadly I’m not, so I’m sucking my thumb right now, because I paid for a 1 year service I didn’t get, they deleted not only all my content, but I’ve also lost all my contacts and favorites, any trace of my existence in flickr world has been completely eradicated.
I’ve complained back, mentioning this, but I’ll probably have to wait another half week before I get an answer back.

So if you have a flickr account you use, beware that their service is very fickle and not at all reliable.

Right now, I’m going through all my posts with photos that were linking to my flickr account to track down the photos elsewhere and restore these posts to normality.
I’d like to thank FashionIndie for helping in this task, the fact that they openly reblog a lot of my content, made the task a whole lot easier! The downside, is that I also found a few blogs that reposted my content (and in a way I could tell I was the source) with no credit…so buhhh to those people, you need some netiquette lessons.
I’m also trying to figure where to store all my extra blog things, I’ve had some photobucket and livejournal suggestions, but they just lack the ease of navigation and organization flickr had…I’m open to suggestions!
In the meantime, while I figure what to do next, you can still get random goodies of all sorts either here or in my tumblr.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank everyone who’s contacted me, enquiring on the whereabouts of my account, your interest in it has really been the upside in an otherwise sh*$y situation.

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  1. 4TimesAYear

    I didn’t pay for my account, but am going through this same experience. I’ve received a number of case numbers, am told I violated TOS but won’t tell me how; am told I can create a new account but if I violate the terms it, too will be deleted. When I call, I am told there is no way my account should be down, and it should be put back up once it reaches the right people. I am told my account has had no abuse complaints when I call, but get form letters saying there was a complaint. There is no way my content violated their TOS. There is no way my behavior violated their TOS. If I did, then no one qualifies for an account. *SMH*

  2. 4TimesAYear

    Thank you – I’m still trying to get it reactivated. I have now been told the account was taken down because I was selling something. I was selling absolutely nothing. It was strictly an account where I posted “posters” with quotes from various people – famous and not so famous – and some of my own. I did manage to start another Flickr page, but haven’t uploaded anything yet. I’m afraid it will get taken down again. Also started a fb page and an account on Pinterest and uploading photos on Twitter as well. But the information that I had with each pic is gone. Much appreciation for the empathy. I’m so glad you were able to get your account restored. Perhaps there is hope yet ;)

  3. 4TimesAYear

    Mea culpa, my misunderstanding, OY…I’m so sorry! :'( :'( :'(
    I totally agree that they should at least warn people before they delete accounts. I think YouTube even gives people the chance to take down any material before they take action, and I believe they also give people the right to appeal. I am absolutely positive no one at Flickr reviewed my account like they say they did. Will perhaps have to chalk it up to living and learning…*sighs*…
    Hoping for no more pics needlessly lost in cyber-space for the both of us – (or anyone else)!

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